What clients have said about our Coaching and Mentoring

“Overall I am much more positive, despite the current challenges of the NHS environment. There is a great improvement in relations with colleagues and I feel that my work - and that of my department - has become much more efficient” (Teaching Hospital Consultant)

“The coaching made me realise that the problems I was facing were not unique to my project and were complex and multi-faceted. The coaching built on my self-worth and encouraged me to think about my personal development and opportunity, in particular how important it is to listen, have empathy and when it might be right to walk away” (Clinical Director)

“I feel more confident in how I would approach discussing things with my Medical Director and other senior colleagues, to help instigate change and new ideas” (Consultant, District General Hospital)

“I would say my self-confidence and decision making skills have improved and because of this, I can make educated, confident decisions about patient care” (ST7 trainee doctor)

"I feel more in charge of my professional destiny rather than having limited options” (GP Registrar)

"I had gone into coaching genuinely unsure if it would benefit me, as I felt I am already quite self-aware & wasn't sure how much I would get out of it but I was amazed at how much I gained, how positive it is - I would happily take on further coaching opportunities in future or even opportunities to become a coach, having seen the value and impact it can have" (GP principal)

“ ... improved  my self-esteem and sense of control over my future"

“ ... made me a more resilient, assertive and productive doctor”.

 “ ... remarkable and unexpected change. By permitting me to see things from perspectives I  would  not  have  otherwise,  I  realised  that my myopic and pessimistic view of the world was utterly inaccurate”.

Evaluation of our Coaching and Mentoring

An independent evaluation of the service run by HEE (London and SE) was carried out by Oxford Brookes University (Bachkirova et al, 2015). This evaluation showed statistically significant improvements in employee engagement, self-efficacy and self-compassion of clients participating in the scheme. 


"The coaching and mentoring programme provides an effective service for their clients….Well-validated measures that were selected for this evaluation show that employee engagement, self-efficacy and self-compassion of the participants significantly improved…..The analysis convincingly shows that coaching was a major contributor to this success."

(Oxford Brookes University (2014). Evaluation of HENCEL, HENWL HESL PSU coaching and mentoring service for doctors and dentists)