Why Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching/mentoring improves motivation, morale and retention within organisations. It helps professionals move from being good at their jobs to becoming outstanding. It helps create a culture of excellence, innovation and high performance.

Coaching and Mentoring can be especially useful for Resilience and Leadership development


A review of the literature on the subject (Garvey B, Garrett-Harris R, 2005) concluded that the main advantages for those being coached were:


•    Improved performance and productivity


•    Career opportunity and enhancement


•    Improved knowledge and skills


•    Greater confidence and well-being

We strongly believe that independent coaching and mentoring provides a safer environment and is more productive than coaching provided internally 

How does it work?

Normally our coaching/mentoring offer is likely to include:

  • An offer of a minimum of three coaches for you to select your preferences

  • Up to 4 sessions with your coach/mentor (more sessions available if appropriate)

  • Sessions are usually 60 – 90 minutes long (sometimes a little more) and can take place face to face, over the phone or over an Internet platform. Generally, the first meeting is face to face.

  • Normally, sessions are around 4-6 weeks apart, allowing the client time to work on what has been discussed

  • Everyone’s coaching needs are different, so the programme is always agreed at the outset to align with their needs

  • A number of coaching tools and techniques will be used to help develop awareness and deeper insight

  • All coaching and mentoring sessions are confidential between the client and the coach.

Ethical Values

All our coaches and mentors adhere to the EMCC Global Code of Ethics